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Commander's Update!

15 September 2005

Warlords and Warlord families of Task Force 2/2,

Task Force 2/2 is continuing to take the fight to the enemy. During the past few weeks, the Warlords have performed with dedication and skill. We are beginning to build valuable relationships with the local Iraqis. These relationships will strengthen the cohesive effort to rid Iraq of those attempting to cause everyone harm. Our most important relationship remains with the Iraqi Army. 1-4-1 continues to marvel us with their uncanny ability to distinguish and discern the terrorist from the general population. They continue to grow professionally and we welcome the opportunity to turn over the security of Iraq into their capable hands.

The people of the gulf coast are all on our minds. Hurricane Katrina has left her lasting mark. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the families affected. Also, closer to home, Hurricane Ophelia is sitting off the coast of North Carolina. With its path unknown at the time of this letter, we are thinking of all our loved ones and Marines in Camp Lejeune and the Jacksonville area. Let's all hope it is quickly down graded to a tropical storm and heads back to sea.

The companies have been performing miracles daily. Despite an incredible operations tempo they remain resolved and motivated in the pursuit of their missions. Easy Company completed their move and relocated to Camp Fallujah. Concurrent with their move they are also patrolling their new battlespace in the southern portion of our Area of Operation (AO). Fox Company continues to increase their patrolling efforts in the vicinity of the middle of the AO and has had significant success increasing their awareness of the battlespace. Golf Company, alone and unafraid, in the most northern reaches of AO Warlord has completely saturated their battlespace and is achieving results. Weapons Company has done a remarkable job of keeping our main roads in AO Warlord clear for coalition vehicles. Headquarters and Service Company is the unit that holds the Task Force together. Without the Herculean efforts of this diverse and talented group of men all activities would stop. Special recognition goes to our Motor Transport Marines who crank the wrenches and work around the clock to keep our rolling stock in the fight. This is a gloss-over of a Task Force composed of over 1,000 men that are as selfless and courageous as you could find. It's brevity and substance does not do them justice. Simply said, "I could not be more proud of these Men."

Recently Warlords welcomed new Marines to the family. Our current Civil Affairs Group (CAG) Detachment will be completing turnover with the oncoming new CAG Detachment. CAG is vital to our success with the local civilians within our area of responsibility. Also, our Humanintelligence Exploitation Team (HET) is conducting change over. HET is the Battalion's link to the Iraqi citizens that provide us information to prosecute insurgents. A new artillery battery arrived in Camp Fallujah from Camp Pendleton and relieved the outgoing battery. With the new battery, TF 2/2 received an Artillery Liaison Officer and two Forward Observer Teams. They will help us plan and integrate artillery fires into our daily concept of operations. We also welcome TF 2/2's new Staff Judge Advocate (SJA) to our team. He brings expertise that is critical to our overall success. They have supported us with dedication and diligence in the fight against the enemy.

Reenlistment is an ongoing and enduring mission confronted by all leaders and Marines. Keeping our young leaders engaged in the fight, carrying with them their knowledge and experience, and continuing to serve their country is one of our primary goals. This month our very own Sergeant Major, a Marine with 23 years of wisdom, has again led by example and reenlisted for another two years. Right now the Marine Corps is offering reenlistment bonuses for the first time to the Infantry MOS of up to $32,000 tax free! This is an opportunity that has never before been available and is an amazing incentive. I hope all of our Marines will look at the benefits and the opportunities that a career in our Nation's Armed Forces and our Marine Corps will offer them.

Along with reenlistments, promotions and Warlord Babies are my favorite topics. In this newsletter I'm pleased to report more of both.

The following Marines earned meritorious promotions:
Cpl Christopher Woulfe 0311 Golf
Cpl Joshua Franklin 0311 Fox
Cpl Benny Cockerham 0311 Easy

The following Warlord families had recent additions:
LCpl Richard and Rebekah Burnett Makalah Easy
PFC William and Mary Demers Williams Easy
PFC Kevin and Liz Cicik Nathan Easy

NCO of the Quarter for RCT-8
Cpl Patrick Donnelly 0311 Golf

Congratulations to all for these very special events.

In closing, the draft Iraqi Constitution has been released by the interim government. The Task Force is looking forward to assisting the Iraqi government with the upcoming referendum and elections and taking the fight to the insurgents who wish to deny the Iraqi people its freedom. More to come on this topic as the October 15th referendum approaches. We will keep you posted. We thank you for your support and prayers. The Key Volunteers continue to do selfless work each day. To the families and friends of our Warlords, without all of you we could not remain focused on the mission. THANK YOU!

I remain Semper Fidelis,

J. J. Minick

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Live in Iraq!

1-4-1 Iraq Army works with 2/2 Easy Marines from Live in Iraq!
I don't normally post a lot of sites here but this site is an excellent account of our Marines' service in Iraq. It is well written and informative. The site is written by a Marine Blogger with the handle USMC and is called, appropriately enough, Live in Iraq! http://live-in-iraq.blogspot.com/ Give it a visit and enjoy!

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2/2 works with IA 1-4-1!

Photo #1
Photo #2

Iraqi Army gets a step closer to working independently
Submitted by: 2nd Marine Division
Story Identification #: 200599115111
Story by Pfc. Christopher J. Ohmen

CAMP FALLUJAH, Iraq (Sept. 9, 2005) -- With every week that passes, the members of the Iraqi Army get closer to their goal of operating independently and creating a free Iraq with the help and guidance of the United States Marines.

First Battalion, 4th Brigade of the Iraqi Army, has been working side-by-side with the Marines and Sailors of 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment trying to accomplish that objective.

“The Iraqi Army has come a long way since last year, when 2nd Marines were clearing the insurgents out of Fallujah,” said 1st Lt. Nathan P. Dmochowski, the executive officer for Company E. “They take over more responsibilities as the weeks go by.”

The Iraqi Army had been working hand-in-hand with the Marines of 3rd Battalion, 8th Marines to hone their skills. Now it is time for the Marines of 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marines to combine Marine determination with Iraqi Army knowledge to continue to suppress the insurgency’s ability to fight.

“The group of Iraqi Army we are working with at Camp India are learning very quickly and have no problems taking the lead when we search houses on daily patrols,” Dmochowski stated.
Since the Iraqis of 1-4-1 learned most of the basics from the Marines of 3rd Battalion, 8th Marines, tactical integration with the 2nd Marines was easier.

Conducting daily joint patrols (with the Marines) of their areas of operation, the Iraqis seem to get more confident as time goes by. The Marines are trying to instill the idea that the Iraqi Army’s primary mission is to stop the insurgency from being able to wage war. But because the Iraqi Police are still somewhat in their infancy, the Iraqi Army continues to deal with matters the police would normally handle. The Marines are working to focus the Iraqi Army effort toward stopping the insurgents.

“We are helping the Iraqi Army to just deal with the insurgency as their primary mission and leave the common criminal things to the police,” Dmochowski stated.

The Marines’ primary mission is to support the Iraqi Army when they do patrols and other operations throughout this area. They are trying to let the Iraqi Army do as much of the work as possible so they can start doing more and more on their own.

“The Iraqi Army is able to run their own patrols and get their own intelligence about what is going on in the area,” Dmochowski said. “They are working very hard to get everything on their own.”

With determination on their faces, together the Marines and the Iraqi Army of the 1-4-1 will push forward to stop the insurgents at every turn to create a free Iraq and defeat terrorism.

#1 - Marines and Iraqi Army with 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment set up security during a hult on a routine patrol 19 Aug. The Iraqi Army is taking the lead when doing searches in local villages so they are proficient when the U.S Military finally leaves Iraq. Photo by: Pfc. Christopher J. Ohmen

#2 - Marines and Iraqi Army with 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment greet the locals of this residence before they ask to serach the premasis in a routine patrol 19 Aug. The Iraqi Army is taking the lead when doing searches in local villages so they are proficient when the U.S Military finally leaves Iraq. Photo by: Pfc. Christopher J. Ohmen

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Congratulations Grunt! 08/01/2005

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Corporal of Marines!

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Here ya' go Grunt!

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Here's what my truck looked like after the lightning strike. IED? What IED? We don't need no stinkin' IEDs!

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